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Lededit software is popular recent years, it have stronger functions. So far, The lededit2012,lededit2013,lededit2014 are main version. lededit2014 is newest version, it can creat RS485 signal with software and compatible with DMX512 protocol. working with new version controller to drive DMX512 products. this is a breakout.

if you are beginner, we hereby simple descript the lededit software using process:

1. Install software. (it base on your led hardware, Generally lededit2014 include all functions of previous two version)

2. led lighting layout( Auto CAD layout,Coreldraw layout, Auto Layout with software or Manul layout with software)

3. Making controller' effects with software (offline effects making or PC online effects making)

4. making .swf file (Import Cartoon refering drawing,using Photoshop software edit it until finish)

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