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led design winner in 2014

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Recently, Japan's Good Design Award open design winners in 2014. which sponsored a comprehensive design institution, founded in 1957,so far, it has awarded nearly 40000 pieces of excellent design works. In 2014, the award-winning works a total of 1283 pieces,including LED works of excellence, some excellent work and share.

No.1 : Samsung bluetooth intelligence led

The smart lighting has the Bluetooth function, the user can connect mobile phone to a lamp bulb through the Zigbee module .
Samsung said, the user can control the 64 light bulbs in a radius of 600 meters .
Its another characteristic is the "color" regulation, it can be adjusted CCT rang from 2700K to 6000K

No.2 Phlips: Bloom, Strips

Philips Hue LED intelligent lighting, everybody is very familiar with them. These two products are designed by Philips Japan branch,respectively Living Colors Bloom and Hue Light Strips. user can use a smartphone or tablet used to make a app connection.Bloom has 16000000 colors, it connected with the touch type remote controller through wireless network, simple operation.led Light Strips is a wireless and 2 meters long tape , it can be folded bending, installed at any position with proper length.

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