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We always foucs on led high quality led products:
Digital led light
IC Built_in led:GE8805B,GE8812,GE8812B,GE8822,GE8808
Individually addressable led tape:DC5V,WS2812B/SK6812/GE8812/WS2813/SK9822/GE8822, RGB/RGBW/WWA/W color
Programmable Video led strip:DC12V , WS2815,GS8208,GE8808, RGB Color, Break-point signal continuous transmission
Projects digital led tape:DC12V Series, WS2818/WS2801/LPD8806/WS2811/UCS1903/SM16703, RGB/Single color
Economic type digital led strip:DC24V Series, WS2811/UCS1903/SM16073,SM16704 RGB/Single color
Addressable led matrix and Neon led Flex series with varieties of IC protocol.
Analog led light
Top LED:SMD5050 RGB(3IN1),SMD5050 RGBW(4IN1),SMD5050RGBWW(5IN1)
High efficient led tape:3 years warranty,140lum/w
CC led strip series:Constant current super long led strip without voltage drop
SMD2835 led tape: economic and high lumen flux output, 2200K to 10000k Kevin
SMD2216 led tape: Mini led, high density,Max 420leds/m.
SMD5050 led tape: SMD5050 RGB(3in1)/SMD5050RGBW(4in1)/SMD5050RGBWW(5in1) and Single color
SMD5630 led tape: samsung Brand led, super brightness,low heat,long life.
SMD3014 led tape series,Variable white CCT Series,sideview RGB series,sideview white color series.
CRI80+,CRI90+,CR95+ led tape light
Devote to best quality and service customer all over the world.

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